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Thailand – Famous For Flowers

Thailand is famous for its flowers, in particular the orchid, known as Gluay Mai in Thai. Many visitors find it surprising that these tropical flowers actually bloom in the winter, when the weather is cooler. The best time to see them is January when all the orchids in the north of Thailand will be in

Koh Samui: The Best Place to Learn Muay Thai

Bitten by the Muay Thai bug, you have decided to learn the sport that has invaded the country and perhaps, the world. You did your research and became convinced that the best way for you to be a formidable Muay Thai fighter is to pack your bags and go to Thailand. And why not? Thailand

See every side of Thailand

To get a true sense of Thailand you have to see every side. The neon lights of Bangkok by night are a must see, but so are the great swathes of lush countryside from the cabin of the Eastern & Oriental Expre and,the gentle elephants of Chiang Mai. And of course the iconic idyllic beaches