Accessorizing Ties With Tie Bars

Many individuals find that when they are choosing their ties they also want to choose some of the accessories that go with the ties, and the most favorite is the necktie bar. Due to its simplicity it is easy to put in place and will remain as such. Actually, tie bars come in a variety of different materials. However, most men prefer to go with the standard gold or silver, as they do not have to be concerned about matching it with the rest of the attire.

The decorative bar should slide right across the time in a straight manner. One of the things to remember however, is the necktie bar must fit the neckwear horizontally in it entirety. Most often, one of the mistakes that is made when it comes to wearing this accessory, is that it is just too short for the wider ties and this not only create an unfinished look but it will not hold the neckwear in its position either.

The best way to position the tiebar is after the necktie has been knotted properly. This way, once the knot is in place and the tip of the tie is where it is supposed to be, then the crease on the fold is where the tie-bar should be positioned. If one is going to follow protocol when it comes to positioning the tie bar, then it really should be one inch below the center crease.

When it comes to choosing the tie bar, most often it is appropriate to have a selection to choose from. The gold and silver, although most commonly worn, does not always go with all type of ties. For example the man that is dressing in attire that is more on the sporty line then perhaps going with this stainless steel tie bar or one that is embellished with simple stones for instance would be more appropriate as it is somewhat less formal.

Tie bars are a great gift suggestion for most men wear ties, and they do require something to keep the tie in position and since the tie bar is so easy to keep them in place it is often one of the first choices. This can even be engraved for that extra special gift giving.

There are of course other choices beside the tie bar, such as the tie cleft or the tie tack. The difference is that the tie bar is more prominent looking and certainly does draw attention if it matches well with the whole suit and is an appropriate piece of accessory. However, as much as it can create the effect of the finished overall look to the tie itself, otherwise not worn correctly, it can also produce a undesirable look.

It is a wise choice to have a good selection of tie bars amongst ones accessories so the appropriate look can be achieved for the right occasion.

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