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How Can Foreigners Own Land Under Thai Law?

Thailand exhibits a unique set of characteristics in the property market. A country-wide economy where the cost of living and dollar/baht exchange value gives a definite advantage to foreigners means that there is consistently strong interest from oversea buyers in Thai land. However, it isn’t only economic factors that make Thailand so attractive to foreign

What does Thailand Kathoey mean?

If you’re looking for proper ladies, the term may contain a little more than you’re looking for in Thailand or the Philippines. In many Asian nations, Kathoey-also referred as ladyboys-are a standard piece of society. They gratify men, women, and any person who wishes to seek their company, and they’re treated as people with equal

Thailand – Famous For Flowers

Thailand is famous for its flowers, in particular the orchid, known as Gluay Mai in Thai. Many visitors find it surprising that these tropical flowers actually bloom in the winter, when the weather is cooler. The best time to see them is January when all the orchids in the north of Thailand will be in