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How Can Foreigners Own Land Under Thai Law?

Thailand exhibits a unique set of characteristics in the property market. A country-wide economy where the cost of living and dollar/baht exchange value gives a definite advantage to foreigners means that there is consistently strong interest from oversea buyers in Thai land. However, it isn’t only economic factors that make Thailand so attractive to foreign

Koh Samui: The Best Place to Learn Muay Thai

Bitten by the Muay Thai bug, you have decided to learn the sport that has invaded the country and perhaps, the world. You did your research and became convinced that the best way for you to be a formidable Muay Thai fighter is to pack your bags and go to Thailand. And why not? Thailand

Bar Mitzvah Entertainment

When you are attaining the entertainment of a bar mitzvah then one thing is for sure that you want it to be special and memorable event of your life. But there is nothing g sadder of something may go wrong and blemish the memories of the event that you have worked so hard to