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If you want to know how to pick up girls you need to focus on two things. One is knowledge. The other is experience. In general, the more you try to pick up girls the more successful you will be. This is because you’ll gain confidence and insight as you practice. But if you don’t have the knowledge of how to pick up girls, you’ll waste a lot of time and keep striking out. So to score the most dates, start by learning how to pick up girls and then go out and apply your knowledge. The first thing you need to realize is that girls aren’t doing you a favor by talking to you. The majority of them are just as eager to meet a guy as you are to meet them. So have confidence when you approach women. When you talk to a girl you don’t want to ask her permission to talk to her. Consider it a chance for both of you to evaluate the other person. This doesn’t guarantee you success, but it will lessen rejections because the woman will see you as equal instead of her inferior. Before you approach a woman, think about your pickup line. The last thing you want to do is get tongue tied or stumble over your words. So come up with a few pickup lines that won’t come across as desperate or pervy. While it’s good to be prepared, always be flexible. Notice things about the woman you’re approaching and be ready to respond to what she says. Don’t come across as just reading a script. Approach and talk to her The only way to pick up girls is to actually approach and interact with them. Without the willingness to take action in the real world, you can read all the articles in the world and still nothing will change for you. All the clever theories, “pick up lines”, tips and tricks go out the window when you actually take that action step of approaching an attractive girl that you don’t know, starting a conversation with her, and dealing with whatever happens. One good thing about walking over and actually approaching a woman is that you’re automatically demonstrating a certain amount of confidence by actually doing this. This is true in bars and nightclubs, even though girls expect to be approached in these settings, but it’s especially true during the day. Have you ever spotted a woman in a club and went up to buy her a drink? Of course you have, we all have. Did you get her number? Well probably well over half the time she engaged in a little bit of conversation, and left you high and dry. How can you change those odds so that most of the time you are walking away with her number, or even walking away with her on your arm? Here are some basics, and I mean real basics to meeting women that will totally change your game and the results you have been getting for the better. So listen up, cause here we go. If you want to get her number then the best thing you can do is pay her no attention. That is right! Walk up to her group and talk to her friends. Make them laugh, show them some magic, tell a great story. Whatever you do though don’t pay her any attention. Gorgeous women are used to being the center of attention all the time. If you ignore her she will start trying to interject herself into the conversation. When she tries to get into the conversation start off with politely ignoring her, this will drive her crazy and make her try harder. When she tries harder you can joke “Wow she is pushy huh?” to her friends. They will all laugh and this chick will make it her mission to get your attention. Now about ten minutes into this intrigue you tell her friends you need to talk to her. The ways in which a man can gain approval is first and foremost through initial contact of displaying strong and confident body language. The second you come in, nervous, fidgety and talking with a soft and shaky voice, you can pretty much guarantee on being eaten alive. However if you are able to speak confidently, use the right material and convey the right body language then there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t successfully break that bitch barrier, and claim the woman of your choice.

I am danielgabriele read mathematics at Stanford and remained there for his MS. From 1998-1999 on researched in Evolution and in Animal Behavior in Camrbidge, UK. I was was then a professor in the departments of Anthropology and Biology, New Jersy College, USA. Now teaches at the department of Zoology. Carried out research in several areas of evolutionary biology, particularly in sexual selection and the comparative method.

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