See every side of Thailand

To get a true sense of Thailand you have to see every side. The neon lights of Bangkok by night are a must see, but so are the great swathes of lush countryside from the cabin of the Eastern & Oriental Expre and,the gentle elephants of Chiang Mai. And of course the iconic idyllic beaches are unmissable as well.

Bangkok’s busy streets will sweep you along in the general hustle and bustle of this beautiful city. An eclectic mix of ancient and modern, the flashing neon signs and high rise hotels stand in stark contrast to the beautifully ornate temples, museums and Royal palace. You’ll find vast malls filled with designer shops and when the sun goes down, the buzzing nightlife really takes off. For a more authentic experience, Bangkok has a beautiful floating market named Damnoen Sudak. Similarly, the stunning Grand Palace is popular, or you can take a day trip to the Bridge over the River Kwai.

In Chiang Mai you will find jungle clad hills populated by hill tribe villages where life is simple and unhurried. Visit the elephants there, and even take a trip into the jungle atop their back. Visit some of the skilled craftsmen of the region and go to a local market to browse for souvenirs amongst the beautiful hand made goods.

Thailand is well known for its beaches, which are featured in movies such as The Beach, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and the James Bond classic, The Man with the Golden Gun. Phuket is one of the most popular beach resorts in Thailand due to its wide soft sandy beaches, glittering lagoons and gently swaying palm trees. You can also visit the Bang Pae waterfall, the area’s Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, Thalong National Museum and the Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World.

Travelling in Thailand can be an experience all on its own. Get a ticket for the luxury Eastern & Oriental Express and live aboard this luxurious train as it winds its way through Thailand. The train has a range of destinations so you can catch the train at Bangkok and head to Penang, Chiang Mai or even Singapore. Alternatively, if you want to further explore Thailand’s waters, then book a Star Clipper Cruise and visit some of Thailand’s hidden beaches and best snorkelling spots.

So when planning your all inclusive Thailand holidays, make sure you see the side of Thailand that suits you or, see them all and explore every facet of this stunning country and its wonderfully friendly and hospitable people.

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