Separating Bad Bars from Good Bars

Going out with friends can often lead to disappointment, and we can attribute this to more than just too many drinks, it is often the environment. Before you go out next time, put some thought into what you are looking for, and after considering these issues, you will find that you have a much better time.

Crowd- A place that looked great when it was empty may change when it is full of a type of people that does not fit you and your friends. More than half of a venue and the way it feels is made up of the other people. A very important issue to consider.

Music Quality- Music quality does not just mean the type of music that they are playing. You may note that more people will tend to dance and they will have a much better experience with larger sound waves. A perfect example in night clubs, is the use of Vinyl records. Vinyl produce a much larger sound wave than that of CDs, which leads to a more fun experience because of the influence that the sound waves have on our bodies and brain.

Interior Design and Lighting- Mood is everything especially when we are paying for it. Psychologist study for years on this subject but many venue owners seem to think that they have all the answers. A pink room will make people calm. Color and lighting can have a big amount of effect highlights on our moods. Even what materials are used will influence the way that you feel. Paints that give off the wrong type of chemicals can make you feel very wrong.

Air Quality- If you are lacking oxygen you might not notice it much. This can have a big impact on the way you are feeling especially when consuming alcohol. Have you ever walked out of somewhere and then can barely remember the rest of the night? This was because you were starved of oxygen when inside the venue, and then got a blast of it when you went outside, making you extremely intoxicated. This is something to be very wary of. For many years club operators would inject oxygen into their air systems to make customers feel better and be on a kind of high. This is outlawed nowadays but it the importance of good air quality.

Security- Security that makes you feel safe and not under threat is long overdue. Intimidation can disturb that feel good factor. A common problem in California and it seems that there is always another story in the newspapers or TV where customers were bashed or beaten by over zealous bouncers. Good bars, in any city, will have professional security that is skilled in stopping violence, and knowing how to manage that WITHOUT the use of violence.

Subtle influences in our environment have a big impact on us as an individual and on the group. Many of these factors are hidden and play on our emotions and senses. Good times and good fun is more than just finding somewhere that you like, it is about feeling your way through your fun, and this is often why you think more of one place more than another. The more that you become aware of them the better you will be able to identify why you like particular venues.

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