Getting a Girls Number at a Bar

Getting her number, the goal of the entire night for many men across the country. Without a number, how will you get a hold of her and plan your next encounter? The number may cause most men their toughest sticking point. I will show you several ways to get that number tonight.

The most direct way of obtaining a number is to escalate the evening so much so that she really is practically begging to give it to you. If you can kiss close, your target chances are she will give you the number very easily. I want to caution against attempting the kiss close to early on in the evening. If she rejects your advances, you have completely blown yourself out and now become the creepy guy, good luck with that number.

If you are reading this, chances are you are trying to figure out how to get a girls number, that being said you may now have the confidence yet to attempt a bold action like a kiss close. In that case perhaps the cliché number request will work for you. We have all seen it in movies, the guy clumsily asks “So I was wondering if you weren’t doing anything later this week, maybe, I could call you?”. I don’t like this method and I tell all my readers to stay away from it. When you ask her for the number you have given her the power to say no. The number one characteristic that leads to successful pickup artists is to always be in control of a situation. Second, when you ask for the number in this cliché way, your actions of trying to get into the girls pants are loud and clear. Even if the target wants you to try and advance her, she will back out at the exact moment she feels like she is being picked up. She wants the ” it kind of just happened” experience.

My favorite way to get a number is by being natural. Try to incorporate your targets specific interests into your line. For example if she had mentioned she loved animals, specifically her dog. you might say something like “Hey I know this great dog beach down off PCH, we should take our dogs there this weekend, give me your number.” The key is to make it sound fluid and natural. Did you notice how I didn’t ask for her number? I told her to give it to me, remember always be in control.

As you become more and more confident in your pick up abilities you will be able to use these three number closing routines to your advantage. Good luck..and Keep charging.

John Mackey is the owner of a website that specializes in helping men achieve more success with women. Whether you need to know how to get a girlfriends or just want to pick up a girl for the night he can help Learn how to pick up girls tonight!

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