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Thoughts from the ammo line
While I was changing into my gi (uni), behind the lockers, I heard a little gaggle of adolescent Asian girls reading the note, “Who's that?” one asked, and another replied, “That's that old white lady.” Just a pale crone at 25! Naturally, I sued the …
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Man jailed for sex with girl, 15
white or whatever I don't think the race of the victim is the issue here julie riley, the fact is that most of the attacks that have been carried out and reported on in the past few years have been carried out by Asian men, I agree totally with Fitton …
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Elkhart woman aims to help east Asian women
McGee told The Elkhart Truth. “And their parents say, 'Well, other girls do it. You can do it too.'” And it's not just a problem in Asia. It's a global issue, even in the United States, she said. But McGee — in her years working in the region …

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