On Thailand Bar Girls and Dating

Thailand is a magical place for both tourists, expats and retirees. I have yet to meet someone who have been to Thailand, who didn’t like it there. In fact, most people I know would like to go back again as soon as possible. A lot of guys from America, UK or elsewhere work in Thailand or have retired in Thailand. Naturally, most of them are or have been in a relationship with a Thai girl. Many have had bad experiences. In most cases this could have been avoided with knowing a little more about Thai culture and society before entering into a serious relationship.

I am not talking about the stuff you can read in travel books like no kissing in public, but about what expectations Thais have to foreigners and how they view interracial relationships.

Picture this: A young, attractive girl from the countryside goes to work in a bar. She’s never been out of the village before, let alone met any foreigners. Her daily life probably consisted of working in a rice paddy or falling asleep at some menial and boring job. Then she comes to Bangkok or Pattaya, with her head full of dreams and hopes. What she finds is a place where the neon lights are bright, every day is a party, drinking, sleeping until noon and then starting over.

For a young inexperienced girl anywhere, that kind of lifestyle has to be exciting. So, you see, when she meets you in a bar, is she really looking to settle down with a guy who is often significantly older than her?

Even if she is, is she ready to leave the easy work and big money behind and start working in a 9-5 job again? Leave her new friends and be the perfect stay at home wife? Most likely not.

The bar scene attracts a certain type on both sides of the equation. If you’re looking for a nice Thai woman to settle down with and eventually marry, then I recommend looking elsewhere.

Take a walk down any street in Thailand; do you notice at least one girl sending you a shy look, maybe a smile? Maybe you don’t, cause we as Westerners are not in tune with the subtle signals Thai women send to men they are interested in. Don’t expect a ‘good’ Thai girl to make the first step.

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