Visage Sculpture Cosmetic Clinic of Boston Now Offers Safer Non-Surgical Alternative to Asian Facial Features Westernization

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 20, 2013

There’s a craze in China and Hong Kong among men and women of all ages to look less Asian (link). European face is considered more attractive, and more attractive people often are thought to have easier path to better personal and professional life. Years ago, this option was available only to the privileged ones: rich people or celebrities. Now more and more places make it affordable and within reach for a wider population.

European face is more three dimensional. There’s more projection to the nose, chin, brows, and cheeks. Divine proportion of the face figured out centuries ago emphasizes projection and certain angles of the face, which a lot of Asian faces don’t have.

Masha Banar, Board Certified Physician Associate, has specialized for years in non-surgical face shaping. She is well known in Boston for non-surgical rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and facelift. She now has become a source for Asian patients in Boston to get facial features Westernization without going under the knife.

Years ago, very attractive Chinese and Korean girls flocked to her office, showing the photographs of Asian celebrities asking for a longer pointier chin, more prominent well-defined nose, and smaller face. “Most ask for thinner less square jaw, more triangular face, and more projection of the facial features.” Banar says, “The most popular procedures among my Asian patients are non-surgical rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and reduction of square jawline.” There are a lot of Doctors in China, Korea, and Hong Kong who offer these very high in demand services. Now Asian face Westernization is a big part of Banar’s Practice in Boston, lowering the risk of procedures significantly though non-surgical options. Banar uses soft dissolvable fillers like Restylane and Perlane for temporary results, Radiesse for longer lasting results, and Artefill and Silikon for more permanent options.

Complimentary consultation can be scheduled by calling at (617)795-0201 or via e-mail info(at)visagesculpture(dot)com. Office is located at 31 Channing Street, Newton Corner, MA 02458.

About Visage Sculpture

Visage Sculpture is premier Cosmetic Center dedicated to helping people look and feel more attractive, refreshed, and youthful in the most natural gentle way. Founded by Masha Banar, Board Certified Physician Associate, with more than a decade of experience in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, it has been featured on ABC News for its unique alternatives to surgical procedures (non-surgical rhinoplasty and TMJ treatment).

About Masha Banar, PA-C

Masha is a National Educator for Sculptra Aesthetic and teaches facial anatomy and injection techniques to Physicians and Nurses. She has treated thousands of patients and has one of the busiest practice on the East Coast. Masha worked with Sculptra long before it was FDA approved for cosmetic indication, and treated hundreds of cases of HIV lipoatrophy with the product.

Masha’s innovation, non-surgical rhinoplasty (or nose job), has been featured on the local news channel and remains the most popular procedure offered in the clinic. Her extensive experience combined with artistic background and intuitive appreciation of proportions of the face brings ease to all procedures offered.

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